• Emma Martinez-Moore

14 Free Outside Activities to Try at Home

Here are 14 ideas for activities to try at home with your little ones while they are off:

1. Bug Hunt in the garden or out on a walk

2. Draw Hop Scotch on the patio with chalk, then have fun washing the chalk away

3. Outside Car & toy wash. Wash all the toys outside with lots of warm water, bubbles and soap. 4. Obstacle course with different objects

5. Start a sensory garden 6. Outside Crafts 7. Make your own bird balls or apple bird feeder. 8. Help with gardening 9. Digging for treasure. Hide small objects across the garden, make a map and voila - you'll have a pirate hungry for gold. 10. Lie on the floor, and look for shapes in the clouds 11. Hide and Seek!

12. Noughts and Crosses with stones, and sticks. For added fun paint your own stones 13. Picnic lunch 14. Read Outside

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