• Emma Martinez-Moore

Local Food Sourcing

In keeping with Country Bumpkins founding values, and with an aim to provide children in our care with the most nutritious food, filled with vitamins, we have made changes to where some of our food is sourced from.

Meat We now source all our meat from Owen Taylor and Sons. Owen Taylor is a family butchers established since 1922 locally in Somercotes. The majority of products are sourced from Farm Assured farms in the Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire area supplying both domestic, wholesale and restaurants.

Eggs Our Eggs are now sourced locally from farms within the vicinity of Country Bumpkins, from Free Range Hens and Ducks fed on local pasture. They spend most their day roaming with other farm animals, before heading to their coop for a good night’s rest.

Chickens Roaming Free
Free Range Chickens

Potatoes Our potatoes are now locally sourced from Farms in 20Kg Bags which are usually Marfona or red skinned Manitou.

Manitou Potatoes
Manitou Potatoes

Read about some of the recipes made using these ingredients

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