• Emma Martinez-Moore

20 Places to Travel to from the comfort of your Living Room

We understand at present we are in unchartered waters, where we are unable to do the things we are so used to outside freely.

In an ideal world screen time should be very limited for young children, however we have found 20 of the most Educational and Immersive wonders to visit from the comfort of your living room during these testing times. These range from deep dives, museum visits to Treks around the world.

Our Top 20 Places to visit Virtually USA National Parks – Visit National Parks across the United States from Arches National Park, Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Visit one of the largest aquariums in California

Africam - See live and recorded footage of animals in Africa exploring, and drinking at the local waterhole

San Diego Zoo

Safari Live

National History Museum

British Museum

Deep Dives

Smithsonian – National History Museum

Northern Lights

Great Wall of China

Pyramids of Egypt -

Google Treks – Experience wonders around the world with Google Streetview. Our Favourite is Valley of the Kings in Petra You can view other Google treks such as National Parks, the Eifel Tower or the largest Miniature Wonderland in Germany

The Louvre – Children may enjoy Egyptian Antiques the most

Mars – Command the Mars rover, and see real photos from visits

Explore Machu Picchu

Edinburgh Zoo

Visit Nasa

Yellowstone National Park

Taj Mahal

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